Who made these movies?
Peggy O'Brien and Steven Rosenthal conceived of, produced, shot and edited both short films in New York City.

Who are Peggy O'Brien and Steven Rosenthal?
They are a couple who got married on August 3rd, 2002. Both graduated from film school in the early 90's from the University of Miami (where they met), and they have been working in and around the comedy industry -- Peggy as a stand-up comic and Steven as an editor/director.

Why did they shoot these film shorts?
-- "Rules of Engagement" was produced to humorously announce their engagement for family and friends. Because asking for assistance would have revealed the surprise, the two did absolutely everything (except the voiceover) themselves.
-- "Proposals" was done as a follow-up and screened during their actual wedding ceremony (which was held in the movie theater at the University of Miami). It's a mock "explanation" of why it took ten years for them to get married. The extras are all friends and family, and the cameraman for shots involving the two of them was Paul Sullivan.

How were the films shot?
Both were shot on a friend's Canon XL-1 Digital Video camera, using frame movie mode. "Rules of Engagement" utilized a black pro mist filter.

What software was used?
Their software included Adobe Premiere for editing, Adobe After Effects for titles and a few effects, and Adobe Photoshop for certain shots (like the scrolling menu and the shifting clouds behind the building in "Rules," and for parts of the scoreboard in "Proposals").

How long did each film take to make?
--"Rules of Engagement" took about four months to write, scout for locations, and storyboard, a long weekend to shoot, and about four months to edit.
--"Proposals" took about three months from start to finish.

Who did the voice over in "Rules of Engagement"?
A good friend of theirs (who does voiceover work professionally) recorded the tracks used.

Where did they get the sound effects for "Rules of Engagement"?
All of the sound effects were collected at various on-line sources.

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